Story of every traveller to "JAMMU TAVI" Railway station


          Pic: JammuTavi RS, Platform No.3

This ground report is the voice & experience of nearly all travellers coming to Jammu Tavi Railway station from different state.

"It is said First Impression is the last..."

Jammu railway station is the first impression interacted by most of the travellers, coming from different corners of the nation.Although the Bus station near KC Chauraha is very well designed. But the facilities and design of Jammu Tavi railway station is crying for its renovation.

The railway tracks are so dirty and the lights at platforms are reminding us of 90s.While India is celebrating its Azaadi ka Amrit Mahotsav, some summer vacation stations could be renovated so that some basic facilities could be rendered to the masses.Jammu was also hosting G20 meet, dont know what implication guests would take back, if they had travelled by train.The tracks are like snakes (zigzag) and partially made with woods & fixed with cemented ballast.

The station also lacks many basic facilities, from alevators to digital boards.People with huge luggage are compelled to walk down the stairs and vice-versa.The stay facility room is also not sufficient enough for majority to acccomodate.Even the digital boards are not put up to signify which boggie or train compartment will be at what place.Most importantly, the people coming for darshan or tour wants cleanliness.It seems as if jammu station still lacks some of the basic facilities, which could be easily provided.

The common problem faced by every individual is network.As soon as the train enters the boundary of Jammu, the network goes away.Therefore, it becomes very difficult to connect with, where to go and what to do.After the abrogation of Art. 370, if this could be resolved it would be a boon for the people coming from other states.Although detachment from mobile or smart phone is the one way to connect with your self but the updates regarding the wellbeing is also a key element.

If these works could be done, a very positive image could be reflected in masses.The government can easily make it possible...A lot has been done, more has to do... 


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